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Perfect Match [1/1]

Title: Perfect Match
Pairing: Changkyu
Genre: Trollfluff
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble

There aren't a lot of things that Changmin can do freely. One of them being dating.

There’s a vast difference in lifestyle between an idol and a commoner. Prior to all, at least in Changmin’s perception, was dating. As the young, healthy and good-looking male he was, it was only natural for him wanting to experience such things, as Yunho nonchalantly commented on the younger’s concerns.

However, finding a common girl to date when one’s name was nationally known and one’s every move meticulously documented on some crazy fan’s twitter proved to be rather difficult of a task. He couldn’t make it public, not if he didn’t want to endanger his and the fame of his group as a whole. Singing and performing aside, Changmin wasn’t fool enough to believe that it were only his talents, which drew in thousands of fans around the globe to fill whole stadiums, but much rather also the fact that his handsome face was single. He never liked having to keep up a façade in order to raise the hopes of young girls who neglected their own happiness and stayed single just because of him, regardless of how slim the chances for them were. And after years of silent pretence, Changmin had started to voice his thoughts to the females directly. It just wasn’t fair to keep on deluding them. Though the whole action didn’t ever seem to come to fruition and his cruel honesty made part of his “charms”.

Another part of the problem went by the name of Cho Kyuhyun. His mere existence made dating impossible for Changmin for the friend would always find a way to interfere. While Changmin had found the means to keep his dating activities hidden from the public eye, they never escaped the other’s attention to an extent where Changmin started to believe his friend to have developed a super natural ability to ruin his love life.

Shim Changmin, however, was determined not to give up – he wasn’t getting younger either – and soon discovered another method of getting to know date-willing adults within his range of age. Online dating sites, five in total for which he had signed up for.

For once, things seemed to go well when Changmin made acquaintance with changkyu88. Whom he had thought of as another crazy fan – and even worse - with an obsession of man on man interaction, proved to be a person to have wonderful conversations with. Surely, changkyu88 was a little distinct of a girl but after chatting for a few weeks in a row, Changmin was convinced of her not being on the bad side of crazy.

After another few weeks of idle chitchatting and Changmin being convinced of having found “the one”, they had set a date to meet each other. Of course, Yunho was up-to-date with the whole story and provided Changmin with essential information on how to behave and where to meet so that their privacy would be guarantied. He also prepared an escape plane for the younger to make use of if the date would not be as great as predicted an multiple times assured by Changmin himself. There wouldn’t be any need to flee from a person whom he could communicate so effortlessly with. He’d found his soul mate, the one to spend a little infinity with.

With a final pat on the shoulder Changmin was sent off, arriving nearly half an hour too early at the appointed location, which was a small café near Myeongdong. Nervously, Changmin kept on casting curious glances around until, finally, his gaze locked on a person just entering through the front door, a figure all too well known. His expression grew sour and an exasperated sigh left Changmin’s lips as Cho Kyuhyun made his way over to the table with a grin plastered to his face. The chipper male simply ignored Changmin’s request to piss off and took seat vis-à-vis of his friend. The grin only grew wider when he noticed Changmin’s choice of clothing today, bearing a secret message for only one person to decipher.

“What did you do to my date this time? Abduct her? Tie her up and lock her in a closet? Blackmail?”

But Kyuhyun’s grin only widened as he grabbed for his friend’s coffee, taking a generous sip before shaking his head.

“No, I didn’t do anything. You might not believe me but,” and, honestly, he should have known from the beginning, “I’m here for a date today. And you?”

They were a perfect match after all.

Tags: g:fluff, p:changkyu, r:pg

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